I’m seriously so grateful you’re interested in working with me! Here’s a little bit about what I’m all about and what to expect so we can be on the same page from the get-go.

Photography is an important investment and I want you to be able to find the right fit for you! Photography, in my opinion, is one of the greatest investments you can make in your lifetime. Because it’s one of the few things we can put money into that lasts beyond ourselves and beyond the moment. And in this fast-paced and fleeting world we live in there is POWER in something tangible but also transcendent, like photographs.

I like to do things in an authentic, down-to-earth way. Because we’re all just people.

The experience here is ideal for people hoping to embrace an authentic, bohemian, down-to-earth approach to their life,  love,  work,  and the photography for it.  

Here's what i' all about

The Experience

Some of the greatest values in my work are authenticity, creativity, quality, meaning, clear communication, and fun. I take my business very seriously and promise to give you a quality, professional experience. But I’m also all about authenticity within that and cutting through the fluff and fake-feeling stuff that’s so often associated with business exchanges. This is a down-to-earth experience for down-to-earth people who want to keep moments and memories alive; and who want to get creative and have tons of fun in the process. 

Coming to me for your photography won’t feel like some stiff, awkward, fake sales exchange. We’re all just humans here and I want to be more of a real friend to you than just another vendor. I’ll help you to look and feel your best for your photos without it feeling forced. We are going to create together naturally and I’ll guide you and help you feel effortlessly your best (and totally not awkward) through the whole experience.

I like to keep it fun, keep it real, and keep it meaningful. 

If you’re looking for the cheapest deal, I may not be the best fit for you because I’m more passionate about really investing everything I can into you and your photos and making this something meaningful and valuable, than giving you a cheap price point. My prices reflect the value that heart, hard work, education, time, skill, and monetary investment made in my work to serve my clients. And if you’re looking for stark posed or highly edited pics of you I’m also probably not the best fit, because authentic, artistic imagery is what I focus on. And that’s totally ok if I’m not your photographer. Because everyone should be able to find a photographer that fits their needs! But, if you’re looking for a way to document your story creatively and authentically and if you want to have fun, adventure, and gain a new friend in the process (me!) look no further. You can expect a high-quality professional experience in a fun, effortless, and meaningful way.