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Hey, this is me- Sammi!

i'm a traveling photographer based in philadelphia Pennsylvania

I specializes in bohemian wedding, portrait, fashion work. I’m strongly inspired by human connection, movement, and western americana and weaving fun and freedom into the depths of that. I have been the owner of Sammi Shea Photography for over 6 years now. You can usually find me sipping on a matcha latte or glass of rosè while dreaming, working, or laughing with the people around me.

fast facts

I am an enneagram 7w6 personality type by every definition of the word. 

my spirituality is at the heart of everything i do.


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I’m a big fan of denim everything and heart shaped sunglasses.

the relationships i have with the people around me are what i treasure most in this life. 

i am a major health and wellness nerd.

i grew up a competitive dancer, and taught and choreographed for years. this is my biggest passion other than photography, and its helped feed how i view the world and create images.

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When I was little my parents got me a pink Barbie Polaroid camera and since then (through driving up a steep film bill for them from age 3-9 lol thx guys) I’ve been hooked on creating and capturing the world around me.

I’m passionate about dance, fashion, words and so many facets of creation, life, business, and art; and getting to bring elements of these things into my photography makes my heart really come alive.

My heart in life is simply this : to create & to love.

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